Happy Spring!!

Happy Spring!! After a typically cold winter (Note: it is always too cold for me), we at the Modern Day Pioneer homestead have finally had a taste of spring.  The high has been over 40 degrees for five days!  Here is what’s been going on in the homestead over the long winter: MICE!!! Icky little … Continue reading Happy Spring!!

Breadless Bread

I have been conscious of “healthy” food my whole life.  My mother made from scratch and avidly consumed all the available research on food.  So there has always been a voice in my life to tell me that soda is not good for your body and vegetables are.  Therefore, when we discovered that Mr. MDP’s … Continue reading Breadless Bread

Chicken Update

They’re here!  The Coop is still not ready, however they’ll need to be in the brooder for a few weeks, which means, in the kitchen for a few weeks.  There are 25 little peepers.  No losses so far.  (Thank you, God.)  There is one obnoxious one, that has been named Turd-Bucket or Jerk-Face or Little-Poop, … Continue reading Chicken Update