Happy Spring!!

Happy Spring!! After a typically cold winter (Note: it is always too cold for me), we at the Modern Day Pioneer homestead have finally had a taste of spring.  The high has been over 40 degrees for five days!  Here is what’s been going on in the homestead over the long winter: MICE!!! Icky little … Continue reading Happy Spring!!

Water Heater Havoc

As you have probably assumed, by reading our previous posts, sometimes we take on jobs that would seem out of the ordinary and sometimes overwhelming. The latest project, though not foreseen as being a concern, could be considered one of those that got out of hand. To give you a little back-story, or original water … Continue reading Water Heater Havoc

Coop Update

   Here is the picture heavy update of the chicken coop. We had to break from our current ‘free supplies’ streak to buy some insulation.  Protecting the birdlets from our harsh South Dakota winters is a priority.  It also means that we are getting quite close to moving the stinky little cuties out of the … Continue reading Coop Update

Stewards in the Storm

In our effort to be good stewards, of our money, our time, our family, our earth, there inevitably comes a time when the right thing to do is also the hard thing to do.  A time comes when you have considered, weighed, prayed and researched and there doesn’t seem to be another way.  You just … Continue reading Stewards in the Storm

Chicken Update

They’re here!  The Coop is still not ready, however they’ll need to be in the brooder for a few weeks, which means, in the kitchen for a few weeks.  There are 25 little peepers.  No losses so far.  (Thank you, God.)  There is one obnoxious one, that has been named Turd-Bucket or Jerk-Face or Little-Poop, … Continue reading Chicken Update

Chicken Plans

About 3 weeks ago my sister announced that she was ordering straight run Speckled Sussex chicks for spring laying.  Speckled Sussex are my favorite chicken.  Gorgeous plumage, pleasant disposition, consistent layers and heavy build so you can eat the roosters.  I greened up with envy while rejoicing that she was going to be producing eggs again.  Then, … Continue reading Chicken Plans